Ombre eyebrow tattoo for a soft and powdery look!

What are ombre eyebrows? 

This technique is very similar to the style used by permanent cosmetic tattoo artists called “powder eyebrows,” or the manual method known as “soft tap” or “shading.” Using this approach, the finished result looks soft, powdery, almost airbrushed instead of the “hair stroke” look that you achieve from microblading. This style has been around for many years and has various names, but over time it has been improved to become more natural-looking and semi-permanent.

What is the ombre technique?

To better understand what the ombre technique is, let us refer to the definition of ombre: having tones of colours that shade into each other, creating a graduated effect from light to dark. The principal purpose of the ombre eyebrow technique is to achieve a gradual effect of light to dark. The lightest part would start from the beginning of the eyebrow and progressively darken towards the finer and thinner ending of the eyebrow. While we work, we focus on descending from light to dark to accentuate the finer and thinner area at the end of the eyebrow. We are highly skilled at implementing this style to achieve the ombre tone. We concentrate the darkness towards the end of the eyebrow, which needs more definition since it is such a small and delicate area.

How is this look achieved?

To accomplish this style of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing, the ombre eyebrow is executed by having an experienced cosmetic tattoo artist build up many colours and layers to establish this unique look. The layers and colours are custom to each client depending on their unique complexion. This approach is applied by utilizing a cosmetic tattoo machine with a fine-point needle and a skilled and experienced hand.
This look is suitable for all ages, skin types and complexions. This innovative technique has no limitations and works well on all skin types whereas microblading does not work well on people who have oily skin and it is also much less invasive. The ombre technique is less invasive in comparison with microblading because it does not make a break in the skin but rather simply grazes the skin with pigment.

How does this look differ from microblading?

In comparison with the popular manual technique known as microblading, which uses a handheld instrument that creates a thin incision in the skin that is filled with pigment and mimics hair to blend with the natural existing hair, the ombre technique presents a very different appearance. Ombre eyebrows look much softer, almost airbrushed, as if you filled them in with a simple powder. Also, with the ombre technique, you can build up the level of gradient you would like to achieve; initially we recommend starting with a conservative ombre effect and if needed, building up the ombre at the perfecting appointment. With this technique of gradually building up the layers, it allows each client to customize the level of desired emphasis on the gradient. A lot of clients will find that after the initial appointment they are satisfied with the results, and there are some clients who would prefer a more dramatic look and we will intensify the gradient to highlight the prominence of the ombre.

Is this technique permanent or semi-permanent?

To understand the difference between permanent cosmetic tattooing and semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing, we need to have knowledge about the composition of the skin. By breaking down each segment, the skin is composed of three layers. The first layer is the epidermis, which is the layer we see that creates a waterproof layer that protects our skin and gives skin tone; the second layer is the dermis, which holds connective tissue and the hair follicle, which is constructed of fat and connective tissue.
Unlike the traditional methods used by permanent makeup artists, where the pigments would be deposited into the dermis of the skin, the ombre technique is a semi-permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoo just like microblading, only inserting the pigment into the very first layer of the skin, which is called the epidermis. When pigments are inserted into the dermis, the pigments are very deep and this leaves extremely little room to fade away or dissolve; therefore, this is considered a permanent cosmetic tattoo. By performing this delicate technique by only penetrating the dermis layer of the skin, it allows the pigments to gradually fade with time in a natural way. Thus, the concept of ombre is very comparable to microblading, but with a different execution and finish.