Volume Eyelash Extensions Toronto

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure that can extend the length and build density of your natural eyelashes. Similar to the strip lashes that can be bought and glued on with an adhesive, how ever these lashes will last you 3-4 weeks before falling off on their own. They are carefully and individually put on each natural lash by a certified technician.

What are eyelash extensions made out of?

There are many types of eyelash extensions but silk and mink are the most popular. In most salons and spas, they do not use real mink due to allergies and real hair does not keep its curl. Mink and silk are very similar and are both synthetic. The difference between the two is the finish, matte or glossy.

Classic Eyelash extensions vs Volume Eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions is when one lash extension is glued to one natural lash also known as the 1 to 1 technique or 1:1 method. This look works well on clients who have a lot of natural eyelashes but for clients who have minimal eyelashes or thin weaker eyelashes, they will not be able to achieve the look they might have expected.

Volume eyelash extensions are when multiple lash extensions are applied to a single natural eyelash. This technique originated from Russia. By using this approach density and texture is created and a fuller and fluffier look is achieved. This allows clients who have very little, shorter, and weaker lashes to achieve the illusion of voluminous eyelashes.

Below is a photo comparison between classic eyelash extensions vs volume eyelash extensions, work done by Reign In Riches Toronto.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Toronto
Volume Eyelash Extensions Toronto

how much do volume eyelash extensions cost at reign in riches?

Mini set $200
Mini fill $100
(50% of lashes filled)

Half set $250
Half fill $125
(75% of lashes filled)

Full set $300
Full fill $150
(every possible lash filled)

Is placing more than one eyelash extension on one natural eyelash damaging?

In order to maintain the health of our natural eyelashes, application of volume eyelash extensions must be done by hand by a eyelash artist. Classic eyelash extensions are applied with a heavier eyelash (0.20, 0.18 and 0.15). For volume eyelash extensions the lash artist must use extremely lightweight eyelashes (0.7, 0.5 and even 0.3) to make these fans while maintaining the health of the client’s natural lash and the highest level of comfort. These fans can start from 2D-7D (the D represents how many lashes in one bouquet that will be applied to each natural eyelash!) This varies depending on the length and the strength of the natural eyelash which means weaker and finer eyelash will most likely have a 2D fan and a strong healthy lash will be able to hold a 7D fan. With that being said, whether placing more than one eyelash extension on one natural eyelash is damaging really depends on the natural eyelash health of each individual. Please consult with your eyelash extension artist before proceeding.

Different eyelash extension curl levels

There are many levels of curls available for eyelash extensions. The most commonly used ones are C, D and L. The “C” curl is the most natural curl that is suitable for all eyes, it has a slight curl as if they have been freshly curled with an eyelash curler. The “D” curl has more of a curl characteristic and has more of a doll like feature and more glamorous but still suitable for most eye shapes. The “L” curl is for monolid clients or clients who have hooded eyes, this curl has a longer adhesion area and a more dramatic curl that helps open up the clients eyes. Eyelash styling is very important and it can help enhance all the natural beauty that is already there. The eyelash artist can also mix the curls depending on the requests or to help emphasize a certain area of the clients eyes.

Different eyelash extension styles: What kind of looks can you have with eyelash extensions?

The beauty in eyelash extensions is they can be completely personalized to each client. Some clients prefer short and dense lashes, some prefer wispy long lashes. The eyelash artist will consult you and take factors into consideration such as if the client wears glasses, age and daily activities. The client is in full control whether they prefer natural and subtle eyelashes that keep people guessing if they are real? Or they can turn the level of intensity up that have people mesmerized! There are many ways to play around with different looks. Whether its accentuating a clients natural features to open up their eyes to look more awake or to lift the corners for a more youthful look. Consulting with the eyelash artist is very important for achieving the perfect look.

The initial appointment at reign in riches

If the client has never had eyelash extensions applied, the eyelash artist will recommend an eyelash test which is where they will place a couple of eyelash extensions to the client’s eyes to help evaluate if the client will have a reaction or has sensitive eyes and may not be a candidate.

The client should come without any makeup or contact lenses in and be prepared to stay for 2-3 hours for the initial appointment. During this time the eyelash artist will carefully isolate every eyelash and apply one extension for the classic look or meticulously make a fan for the volume look. After the appointment do not get them wet for the first 12-24 hours as they are still curing onto the natural lash.

The following should be avoided at all times:

  • Rubbing your eyes aggressively
  • Wearing mascara
  • Sleeping on your face
  • Oily face products such as moisturizers, makeup removers, cleansers
  • Oily makeup such a gel liner and cream liners
  • Heated eyelash curlers or regular eyelash curlers
  • Pulling out your eyelash extensions, they should be removed properly

Below is a video of a new set of volume eyelash extensions done by our artist at Reign In Riches Toronto! It's time to throw away that mascara and say goodbye to lumps and clumps!

microblading toronto second touch up

Taking care of your eyelash extensions

It is very important to clean your eyelashes and comb them. Yes, comb them just like your hair. Common problems that arise with eyelash extensions is that clients are afraid to touch them and worried that they will fall out but that is not the case. It is very important to clean them thoroughly and do not be afraid to really clean between the eyelash extensions. Blepharitis is the most common problem this is when dead skin cells build up from not being cleaned and washed away properly. Build up and bacteria on the eyelids by the eyelash line can block the hair follicles causing itchiness and inflammation. It is often mistaken as an allergic reaction. Also the build up from the natural oils produced by your skin will also break down the adhesive and will be one of the reasons why your eyelash extensions are falling off faster. We often hear people say they're afraid to thoroughly clean their eyelash extensions because they're worried of it falling out faster. The truth is properly cleaning your eyelash extensions will not only prevent risk of infections but will also make your eyelash extensions last longer!

Eyelash Extension Care: How to clean your eyelash extensions

  • Always use an oil free and glycol-free makeup remover
  • Use a Q tip and carefully run it on top of your eyelash line 
  • Use oil free facial cleanser and run your fingers through your eyelash extensions to remove any debris left behind
  • Rinse and repeat if necessary
  • Pat eyes gently and comb lashes thoroughly while still wet

When to get them filled

Every client is different and some clients have faster lash cycles than others. The average person loses around 3-5 lashes per eye per day. Most people have anywhere from 80-150 natural lashes and on average anywhere the amount of eyelashes applied is 80-130 for each full set. To evaluate when a fill is needed depends on the number of natural lashes and the rate of each client’s lash cycle. For a fill, at least 40% of the extensions must be present or it will be considered a full set. Schedule your appointments accordingly to maintain your elegant voluminous eyelash extensions.

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Volume Eyelash Extensions Toronto
Volume Eyelash Extensions Toronto
Volume Eyelash Extensions Toronto
Volume Eyelash Extensions Toronto