Beautiful woman with perfect microblading eyebrows and volume eyelash extensions

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Welcome to Reign in Riches. We are a beauty salon that emphasizes on the finer details that are often unnoticed. We know how important it is for women to look and stay beautiful.

We focus on that part of your face which is often overlooked. The eyebrows and the eyelashes. Eyebrows are an important part of your face and the smallest changes can make the most dramatic difference. Full eyebrows and eyelashes completes your day to day look without having to put on and wear makeup.

Microblading eyebrows, ombre eyebrows and volume eyelash extensions are the latest introductions in the beauty industry to achieve perfect and fuller brows and eyelashes. Well-shaped brows and longer and thicker eyelashes accentuates the eyes and offer facial symmetry. The flawless eyebrows and eyelashes enhance the beauty of your face and adds to your confidence.

With the advent of trends like microblading eyebrows, ombre eyebrows and volume eyelash extensions, beauty treatments for the face have been taken to the next level. No more tweaking of eyebrows every morning before you leave for the day, no more applying layers of mascara to achieve the voluminous lashes you always wanted. Microblading eyebrows, ombre eyebrows and volume eyelash extensions are the most efficient way to look your best and save a significant amount of time in your daily routine.

At Reign in Riches, in Downtown Toronto, we offer world class services for microblading eyebrows, ombre eyebrows, and volume eyelash extensions. We ensure that you can avail of the latest and best solutions for enhancement of eyebrows and eyelashes. We enhance the beauty of women by offering effective and long lasting solutions.

Our artist from Reign in Riches is intuitive about the demands of women and works attentively to build an understanding of the specific desires of each individual. Women and their beauty have always inspired our artist to keep working in this field and achieve excellence. Our artist works in a meticulous manner, calculating the shape and deciding the shade and thickness according to your facial features. She is a skilled craftsman who can sculpt out the imperfections of the eyebrows and eyelashes and grants them perfection. She is an internationally trained artist and holds multiple certifications in microblading eyebrows, ombre eyebrows and volume eyelash extensions.